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Duo ST15′s SOUL MATES reviewed in Fanfare!

The May/June 2012 issue of Fanfare includes a very positive review of Duo ST15′s debut CD, Soul Mates, written by Ronald E. Grames. It is Fanfare’s RECOMMENDED release.

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MOON DOWN and NUMEN released on Claves!

Switzerland’s foremost chamber music ensemble, Duo ST15 (Laurent Estoppey, saxophones and Virginie Falquet, piano), released their brand new CD, Soul Mates, on Claves, one of the most venerable classical labels in Europe, established in 1968.

The CD features a great mixture of classics and new works: Tableaux de Provence (1955) by Paule Maurice, Scaramouche (1937) by Darius Milhaud, Miniature (2004) and Tranquillo-Agitato (2007) by Caroline Charrière, Soul Mates (2008) by Victor Cordero, as well as Numen (1998) and Moon down (for Boudewijn Buckinx) (2002), versions for alto saxophone and piano.

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